Jiu Liu Overlord Review

Jiu Liu Overlord Review

The story happens toward the finish of the Tang Dynasty. Li Jing Liu is a business magnate, while Long Ao Yi is the head of the Longzhu Sect.

At the point when a strange theft shakes the city, the city's two overlords are set in opposition to one another. On the one side, there is horde manager Long Ao Yi (Bai Lu). She speaks to the Lower Jiuliu, the lower class comprising of performers, needle workers, candy dealers, intermediaries, cheats, criminals, and whores.

On the opposite side, there is silk mogul Li Qingliu (Lai Yi), the figuring head of the Upper Jiuliu and the social elites. The two must push aside their biases as they go from battling for the city to working with one another.

From the rear entryways of Chengdu to unfamiliar regions to the imperial court of the Tang Dynasty, the two battle with one another and afterward together in both jianghu and the business world.

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